About Us

Our Vision:

To empower people worldwide to take care of themselves mentally and physically. We envision to be the most trusted and at the top option when it comes to the platforms of beauty and health services, for we deliver and execute the most satisfying services that we have!
We aim to empower people worldwide to take care of themselves physically and mentally.

Our Mission:

To be the leading-edge company that’s inspired others to not only look beautiful but also feel beautiful.
The Nail Bar Beauty & Co is committed to ensuring the clients to provide the best and satisfying services for nails and beauty that we are constantly striving to innovate and beautify all the products and services that we offer in order to deliver client’s satisfaction by exceeding their expectations.

We aspire to be on the leading-edge company that’s inspired others to not only look beautiful but they should also feel beautiful and be confident in their selves.

Our Core Value:

• We provide premium quality products and services
• We convert service into a great experience
• We provide a friendly and relaxing environment.
• We care about our client’s well being beyond the services provided
• We ensure our clients feel like a guest, friend and a family member not just a customer.

Our Stories

We believe that happiness must come from within hence we are encouraging people to look after their selves and spread the power of self-love. However, we strongly believe that happiness is not possible to reach without the feeling of fulfilment. Our believes fulfilment is coming from the act of service toward others. Therefore we have to put together a team of highly skills and friendly individuals who always looking for new things and new ways to improve our skills as well as our products to ensure our clients received the best possible service.

To encourage the power of self-care, positivity, the act of good deeds, caring for other people and all things that encourage people to bring out their best-self to protect humanity and making the world a better place.

Everything we do is to promote the ideas of loving yourself, being happy, spread the vibes and cares for others. Just a little thought of love goes a long way.

We are more than just a beauty salon. Beside our specialized services like nails, pedicures and other beauty services, there is a little something more..... like a smile to welcome you as you walk through the doors, a cup of coffees that might warm your heart.

We have created a place where we care about your kindness and love toward others. Show that you are matters and they are matters to you. It all starts with you. Make it happen today.

It's not JUST about looking beautiful. it's about FEELING BEAUTIFUL because YOU ARE.

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