Microblading Adelaide

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Scared of trusting a beauty expert for Microblading in Adelaide? The Nail Bar Co. is one of the most trusted beauty salons in the area. We are a team of qualified beauticians who are driven by a passion for providing the most satisfying beauty services to clients.

We focus on ensuring the services are as premium as possible. One of the ways we do this is by putting you in the central focus. All the products that we use are of superior quality, and the service techniques are tried and tested to produce the best results.

Our consistency in quality services has earned us the love of hundreds of clients over the years who keep coming back for more. Your well-being matters to us. Therefore, our beauty experts always welcome you with open arms and share every inch of information needed to make you aware of the self-care required to maintain our services.

Microblading Adelaide

Microblading Expert In Adelaide

Microblading adds a more natural shape to your brows by giving them a semi-permanent tattoo design. The procedure is like tattooing, where a microblade is inserted in your skin to make small incisions. We use a pigment that is free from any toxins, so you do not have to worry about infections. Moreover, we have years of experience in the field that gives you the confidence that the result of your microblading in Adelaide will be as you imagined.

Your Microbladed brows can last you somewhere between 12 months to 18 months. However, it varies from person to person and this is based on a number of external factors. Our beauty technicians will ensure to walk you through the care process for microblading brows in Adelaide so that you can make the most out of it.

What We Need To Do

Microblading at our salon in Adelaide is a whole process that requires preparation on both ends. We have our beauty experts always ready with the tools and products to give you the smoothest microblading treatment. But at your end, all we need you to do is relax and be excited. That’s how easy it is.

Additionally, following your microblading service in Adelaide, please don’t expect instant full results. The full effect of the treatment will uncover between one to two weeks. Moreover, as it can be a sensitive procedure, there is no reason to worry as we are professionals, it can take around 2 hours because we don’t like to rush.

So, if you have made the decision to get Microblading completed in Adelaide, you know where to find us. Book your appointment online with us today! Our experienced and passionate team cannot wait to assist you!
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