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Are you considering microblading but don't know if you should? We get your concern.  

To give you a clearer understanding of this semi-permanent brow treatment, we invited Saland Nguyen, our in-house PhiBrows technician to share her knowledge about PhiAcademy microblading treatment, the benefits, the costs, the risks, aftercare and more.  

Question 1: So what exactly is microblading? 

According to PhiAcademy, microblading is a “manual, semi-permanent technique of hyper-realistic eyebrow tattoo in which the shape of eyebrows is calculated according to facial morphology and golden proportion.”. 

During the treatment, microblading specialists use a superfine pen to implant colour pigments into the skin that fill the brows with hairlike strokes. 

Microblading is favoured for creating lush, natural-looking and lasting eyebrows. 

Question 2: How long does microblading last? 

Because of differences in medication, skincare, professional skin treatments and skin type, each individual will experience slightly different results. Some clients may need a small touch up after 6 months and some won’t need to revisit after 12 to 18 months. 

Question 3: How much does microblading cost? 

At The Nail Bar Beauty & Co., a microblading package includes a consultation appointment, an initial microblading appointment, and a follow-up appointment. See our PRICES here

You could pay in full OR opt for our special monthly payment plan. 

Microblading Testimonials The Nail Bar Beauty & Co.
Question 4: Will it be painful when your brows get microbladed? 

YES and NO. It depends on the individual’s pain tolerance. 

Some clients have explained it to feel like a small sharpe pinch and others have said that it is nothing worse than tweezing.

If you have ever had a real tattoo then microblading will be a walk in the park. 

Question 5: Does microblading require aftercare? 

Yes, yes, and yes. If you get your brows done, the aftercare part is super essential to making or breaking your effort. 

30 minutes after the treatment, gently rinse your eyebrows with lukewarm water, and then apply a thin layer of pure Vaseline. During the first day, repeat this procedure 3-5 times to prevent scab formation. 

In the next 6 days, coloured lymph will dry up and form scabs. During this period, it’s important NOT to pick up the scabs and let it fall naturally. Continue to apply prescribed cream or Vaseline 3-5 times a day. Meanwhile, avoid ‘getting your eyebrows wet or sweaty’, even when washing your face or showering. 

7 days after the treatment, it’s recommended to use Anti-Scar gel for the skin to heal properly. 

In the first 2-3 weeks after your appointment, say no to eyebrows makeup, feel free to cancel swimming, tanning, sauna , beauty treatments, sport activities and avoid contact with dust (household chores, etc).  

Question 6: Are there any risks I should be aware of? 

Despite the staff expertise, precautionary measures and top quality pigments, allergic reaction is possible but our experience tells that it’s rare. 

During and after the treatment, clients could experience swelling, redness, and itching on their eyebrows. However, these symptoms are just temporary for the first week or two. 

After the first appointment, small scabs with a loss of drawn hairs may occur. The scabs will naturally heal by the end of week 2 if proper aftercare is consistently adhered to.

Depending on the skin structure, change in the colour intensity is possible and additional treatments will be required.  For example, oilier skin types tend to fade the fastest so it is necessary to perform more corrections. 

With microblading, you'll be completely free from every morning hassle of over filling your brows. It’s so much better to wake up with beautiful, fuller and super-realistic brows. 

Send us an enquirie to figure out if you’re a right candidate for a microblading (mostly, you’ll do!). 

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