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If you've visited one of Adelaide nail salons, you must have been asked which manicure do you prefer, Shellac or SNS. The two buzz words are widely-known to nail-lovers, but not as clear to others, especially if you're completely new to the nail industry. 

To upgrade your nail game, it's best for you to familiarise yourself with both of the terms, specifically how they are different in formula, look, price, durability and health complication. This blog will give you all the answers, so keep on reading. 

What is Shellac?

A surprising fact is that Shellac is actually a brand name for gel-polish line created by CND (Creative Nail Design). It is a gel-polish hybrid which combines gel (so your mani lasts) and traditional polish (which gives colour and shine).

Nail technicians usually apply 2-3 coats of shellac, then placed them under the UV lamp to dry. If UV lights get you concerned, make sure to always wear SPF when choosing shellac, as this will protect your hands from anti-aging effect.

When done, shellac manicure looks natural, bright and beautiful. Painting with shellac also lasts longer (typically up to 14 days) than normal polish. For someone who love nail art designs and aesthetics, shellac is a perfect option for you.

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Now Onto SNS. What is it?

SNS stands for Signature Nail System, and is actually a brand for power dipping nail system. SNS is a collection of pigmented powders which give colours instead of a polish or gel (Shellac).

Nail specialists will first apply SNS gel base onto the nails, then dip inside the power and repeat the process.

Unlike gel manicures, SNS doesn’t require drying under the UV lamp. So, if you’re super worried about the harmful effects of UV lights (even with SPF), choosing SNS will give you peace of mind.

When done, SNS nails feel lighter, more durable, and healthier in the long-term than a gel or Shellac option. SNS nails could last around 2-4 weeks (depending on the level of care and the environment) before the next refill.

A downside to having SNS is that it will block you from having intricate nail art. Glitter nails, French tips and ombre designs are popular option for SNS manicure.

See our prices for SNS Manicure HERE.

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