May 21, 2021 2 min read

Similar to Louis Vuitton Monogram, Burberry's Check or Channel Tweed fabric, French manicure is also a classic bae that remain fashionable and timeless regardlessly. 

Originally, a classic manicure has a sheer pink or beige base with a white polish tip on each nail, finished with a shiny top coat. This classy manicure design creates natural looking nails that elevate your hands, your clothings and overall appearance. 

Nowadays, French manicure has grown out of its original look. Especially in this digital age, where creativity stretches almost boundlessly, French manicure has developed to adopt more colours, shapes and texture variants. 

Scroll on for some of our favorite French manicure nails to try right now.

Classic French manicure with white tips

The classic French manicure is everyone best friend. It's simple and chic. This design suits well with all nail lengths and shapes. SNS dipping power and shellac gel polish could both be used to create this classics. 

Minimal french manicure with white tip on stiletto nail shape

Try this super-minimalist French manicure that has a pink-ish base, tipped with flimsy white lining the stiletto nail shape. Make sure your camera is ready when it's done. 

Roaring chinese dragon french manicure with red colour and nude base

Do something bold this time with the roaring dragon French manicure. The design has a nude base, topped with French lines and dragon in vibrant red colour. This isn't simply another nail art, it's confidence and power coming from you!

Animal print french manicure with black colour on stiletto shape

Opt in for this stylish leopard print French nails. The details were hand-drawn by our nail technicians in dark bold colour on pink-nude background. If you're a fan of animal print, make sure to get this leopard French design next time. 

Blue sideway french manicure on coffin shape with a nude base

Give the tips of your French manicure an angled swoop—it’s so much cooler than a straight-across line. This French nails, for sure, will get you eye rolls and praises. 


These French babies were made at The Nail Bar. If you would love to wear one of our creations make sure to Book With Us

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